Reno (red with red/white interior) is a 1966 convertible in GT colors and stripes. This car was brought into our showroom as a consignment for sale from a gentleman who lived in Reno and Newport Beach. Well we looked at it for less than 1 day before we decided we needed to bring it into our rental fleet! It bridges the gap between our stock ...

World’s Fair – Caspian Blue / white-blue pony

Painted Caspian Blue with a white and blue pony interior. This Mustang came from New York where it was originally delivered. When it rolled off the transport truck it still had it's original 1964 New York commemorative "64 Worlds Fair" license plate on the front valance.  As the Mustang was originally introduced at the 1964 World’s Fair in NY, ...

East Coast Gal – Silver Blue Metallic / white-blue pony

Painted Blue poly with a white and blue pony interior.  This Mustang was restored a few years ago by the previous North Carolina owners.  Not long after arrival we received a heartfelt letter from the folks we purchased her from. In the letter was some warm words wishing us well with the Mustang knowing that we would take good care of it. At the ...

Sunshine – Sunlight Yellow / Honey Gold Pony

Painted Sunshine yellow with pony honey gold interior, this was an easy car to name!  The previous owner of Vino saw this car less than a mile away from his home at an estate sale.  He thought we’d be interested and before long she was ours.  This car was owned previously by a lady who lived in Redondo Beach and later moved to the Northern ...

Vanilla – Wimbledon White / red

Painted Wimbledon White with red interior. This car has now been fully restored by CMR and is now available to be rented.  Perfect for a wedding get away car. This was the second Mustang purchased by CMR and it was named for its color and also because Cherry Pie is best accompanied with vanilla ice cream.  This car was family owned for 30 ...

Vino – Candy Apple Red / red

Vino just completed a full restoration by CMR and is now available for rent.  Painted candy apple red with a red and white Pony interior.  This car came from the Northern California wine county.  The previous owner worked at a winery and upon delivery of the car to CMR, it included a case of wine in the trunk!  The previous owner used this ...
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Andre - Wimbledon White with Blue Interior

Our first coupe! A 1965 fastback, transcending time by becoming a tribute to the legendary Carroll Shelby’s infamous Ford GT 350 heritage. Painted in the traditional color scheme of Wimbledon white with blue racing stripes, these cars were tough competitors in their day. Andre gives CMR some welcomed muscle to the CMR fleet. Unrestored, looking ...


Francisco is a brother to Andre. Dressed in GT colors and equipment Francisco comes to us from Santa Ana California. Named after the seller and our head mechanic Francisco is sure to get some serious attention.